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dental Sedation nurse, Radiology trained nurses, Treatment Coordination, Dental Reception/Administration, Practice Management, Dental Nurse Tutoring, Implant Surgical Assistance


With over 22 years valuable experience in the dental
industry and many post qualifications including:
Treatment Coordination
Practice Management
Dental Nurse Tutoring
Implant Surgical Assistance including:  
Bone augmentation  
Sinus Lifts
CQC Policies/Procedures
Dental Audits


dental implant nurses
dental staff locum cover
in house dental nurse training
My Local Locum dental nurse agency
Locum dental nurse
My Local Locum website design service. Locum Agency Dental Nurses. 


We know how disruptive it can be when regular members of staff are off and how working with somebody new can be daunting.  Not only are our staff knowledgeable with plenty of experience but they are also easy to work alongside which is the recipe for a productive day.



With over 22 years experience in over 3000 implant cases.  We can provide high quality assistance whether it be general chair side to more specialist assistance including Implant surgicals, sinus lifts, bone grafts and sedation cases.



Staff always changing?  Need somebody reliable to do your ordering?  We offer help with practice management including staff wages, rotas, training, and dental ordering services where we provide a service dedicated to finding you the best prices.  We will even come and unpack your order and organise your storage space if needed.  This can be monthly or arranged to suit each individual practice.



If you have trainee/apprentice or newly qualified dental nurses we can provide extra support.  We can supply dental nurse tutoring services from theory to chairside, including help and guidance with ROE from qualified tutors who deliver classes towards the NEBDN dental nurse qualification. This can be arranged privately or at your place of work.



We also provide Dental, Implant, and Facial Aesthetics Treatment Coordinators.  This can be arranged to suit your dental practice needs.  All our Coordinators have over 16 years dental experience and are fully proficient in the workings of the dental industry.  Why pay for a full time Coordinator when you can hire one for the days required.  Each practice will have their own personal Coordinator who will help with the patient journey from beginning to end ensuring staff and patients see the same friendly face each time.

We also come and get to know your clinicians and staff on a personal basis and work alongside you to deliver excellent communication to the patients and explain their treatment in an understandable way so they know the treatment options required/available including the processes involved.   Our Implant Coordinator has not only coordinated but has personally assisted with over 2000 Implant cases working alongside Implant specialists who also teach MSC in Implantology.  Most of our Coordinators are also part time dental nurse tutors which is a great benefit as it allows them to translate comprehensive information in an understandable way.



We will build a website to suit your needs.

We will take care of full design

We will write professional content for you

We will have you up and running within a week.

Prices start from £599

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